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At Gavin Lobo Health we are highly experienced in conducting employment / pre-employment medical assessments for employees and individuals.

The medical assessment screens the individual for factors that may limit their ability to carry out their role in a safe manner.

Pre-employment medicals help identify potential health risks and medical conditions in individuals before they take on new and demanding work tasks. This reduces the risk of accidents, injuries or illnesses that could be aggravated by certain work environments.

Ensuring that individuals are physically and mentally capable of performing the essential tasks of the job is vital for their safety, well-being and effectiveness.

We offer a range of services for employers that can be tailored toward the particular industry and requirements.

Book a pre-employment / employment medical today by phoning our medical reception on: 096315305  or by filling the form below.

Why choose us?

  • Fast results that you can rely on - A written report is emailed within one hour after the medical exam is carried out, no need to chase results

  • Instant referrals to medical specialists and management of unrecognised medical conditions - Undertaking an employment medical with a GP allows for instant referrals to specialists and management of unrecognised medical conditions such as; High Blood Pressure, failed Lung Function Test, Diabetes. Such conditions are picked up on a regular basis, thus slowing down the individual's fit to work status approval
  • One stop shop - all assessments undertaken in appointment. We undertake all the assessments on site including: Vision Tests (Near, Distance and Colour), Audiogram (Screening Assessment), spirometry (Lung Function Test), Drug & Alcohol Test, Cardiovascular Assessment, Urinalysis, musculoskeletal

Employment Medical visit hours

Monday, Thursday, Friday  8.30 – 6
Tuesday 8.30 – 7
Wed 8.30 – 2

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Dr Lobo has completed the National Standard for Health Assessment of Rail Safety Workers training program and has been appointed as an: Authorised Health Professional for the purposes of conducting assessments of safety critical workers also known as a Rail Medical Officer.   

Thousands of people are employed in order for the trains to run on time. Employment within the New Zealand railways covers a large range of positions, including working as a train driver, cleaner, signal engineer, mechanical engineer, signal electrician, office administrator, track worker, traction linesperson, inspector, signaller, and many other different positions / apprenticeships and traineeships.

The Rail Industry Medical has different assessment criteria for a range of health conditions, depending on which category the railway worker belongs to, as per the following: